What is Jouvert?

J'ouvert is a ritual of freedom and defiance. J'ouvert (pronounced Joo-vay) is a large street, paint party created in Trinidad & Tobago held during Carnival though now celebrated throughout many Caribbean cultures, and in international cities where Afro-Caribbean people have established thriving communities. J'Ouvert is likely a gallicization of jou ouvè, the Antillean Creole French term which means "dawn" or "daybreak".

As activist Atillah Springer put it, "Jouvay--in its original manifestation--is a celebration of emancipation" as its origins coincide with the emancipation from slavery in 1838. Some also theorize that some J’ouvert traditions are carried forward in remembrance of various uprisings against colonial powers in Port of Spain, Trinidad, when the people smeared themselves with oil or paint to avoid being recognized.

Where is the new venue? Where is Junkyard Jouvert taking place? 

The new venue is an open air yard Located at 335 W 31st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

What time does Junkyard Jouvert start and end?

Junkyard Jouvert is on Saturday August 31st at 1pm and it ends at 10pm.

How much do tickets cost?

Group Tickets (5 tickets minimum): $10

General Admission: $18

Tickets at the door: $20

Tickets available here!

Are there any discounts on tickets?

Group tickets (5 tickets minimum) available for $10 online.

Bring your own baby powder and receive $5 off at door.

Will I get dirty? Will paint get on my clothes?

Yes. You will get dirty. Please be prepared to get paint and powder on your clothes and body. Please be sure to carry a plastic bag, waterproof case/sac for your phone/valuables. We are not responsible for any water/paint-damaged items. 

What kind of attire is recommended?

MASKS ARE MANDATORY FOR ENTRY. Masks will be sold at door. Also, any carnival inspired gear, costumes, accessories are recommended. At a very basic level, we recommend shoes and clothing that are comfortable for dancing. Shoes and clothes that you do not mind getting stained with paint. 

What kind of paint will be used? Is the paint safe my skin?

The paint is designed for paint parties. The paint is safe for your skin and will be further watered down to make sure we all have enough paint to play with. 

Is this event 21+?


What kind of music will be played?

A mix of soca, dancehall, and afrobeat will be played at Junkyard Jouvert by DJ’s Lady X, Tiger, Hitmakerchinx and foreigner.

Will there be parking available for guests? 

Parking will be limited; using uber/lyft is highly recommended.

Who is the primary contact for Junkyard Jouvert?

Adam Cooper bka foreigner is your direct contact for this event. He can be reached via email at adam@fromforeign.co.