ROADBLOCK™ through the eyes of VVHY by Adam Cooper

“In the heart of Los Angeles, Foreigner a.k.a. Adam Cooper throws the hottest underground parties with afrodiasporic spice, mixing not only music but people in a diverse punch of cultures and passions. Video: Natasha Masharova ( Anatoli Ulyanov (

Music: Sleazy Stereo ( "Pussyjuice" (feat. COR)

Featuring: Adam Cooper (

Production: VVHY Visual Lab (

Los Angeles, 2019”

CALI QUILOMBO vol. 1 via INTL BLK by Adam Cooper

Cali Quilombo is a collection of Afro Brazilian inspired edits of California rap hits. The concept behind the series is the idea of transposing an Afro Brazilian Quilombo to California, a state full of rich histories of Black peoples struggling for self-determination. The quilombos of Brazil also serve as a guide for the artistic philosophy behind INTL BLK. 

The songs included in this volume are: a Bahia carnival take on Tyga’s radio hit “Taste”; a classic Rio funk version of Ty Dolla $ign’s “Dawsins Breek”; a cheeky party edit of 03 Greedo’s G-Funk slap “Rude”; and finally, a 150 bpm funk version of Roddy Ricch’s meditation on violence in the black community “Die Young.”

Live at Grand Park with MAPS by Adam Cooper

MAPS—a platform dedicated to the traditional and contemporary arts of the Afro-Latinx and Caribbean diaspora—hosted a night of live performances and DJ’s at Grand Park in Los Angeles. This is a recording of foreigner’s live set.

Meet Rail Up, LA's Emerging Party Series (Red Bull) by Adam Cooper


Over the years, despite a lack of social media presence, the party has outgrown many of its original venues — the mailing list has grown to include 3,000 subscribers just by word-of-mouth. Success has aroused concerns among the three founders that the party would lose the renegade spirit that made it special in the first place. “Technically speaking, parties always die,” Cooper said. “But what we have, and the way we approach it, is very non-traditional and it hasn't been seen before. It won't lose it, but it won't be easy to keep it.”


IMPRESSIONS: Laventille Rhythm Section bring the iron from T&T to LA (Jesse Serwer via by Adam Cooper

photo by Alexis Gross

photo by Alexis Gross

“Laventille Rhythm Section is one of the rawest examples of Trinidadian rhythm, and it’s a proper spiritual experience when performed live,” says Adam Cooper, one of Rail Up’s organizers. “People were blown away by the performance. It was a truly spiritual thing that put a lot of the music associated with Rail Up into perspective. Giving people in LA a chance to jump up to live, minimalistic, high-energy Afro-Trinidadian percussion was definitely a milestone.”