CALI QUILOMBO vol. 1 via INTL BLK / by Adam Cooper

Cali Quilombo is a collection of Afro Brazilian inspired edits of California rap hits. The concept behind the series is the idea of transposing an Afro Brazilian Quilombo to California, a state full of rich histories of Black peoples struggling for self-determination. The quilombos of Brazil also serve as a guide for the artistic philosophy behind INTL BLK. 

The songs included in this volume are: a Bahia carnival take on Tyga’s radio hit “Taste”; a classic Rio funk version of Ty Dolla $ign’s “Dawsins Breek”; a cheeky party edit of 03 Greedo’s G-Funk slap “Rude”; and finally, a 150 bpm funk version of Roddy Ricch’s meditation on violence in the black community “Die Young.”