"With passion and lots of work you don't need skills to create beautiful things."

Photograph by  Kibwe Brathwaite .

Photograph by Kibwe Brathwaite.

1. Who is Miquel?

Miquel is a dreamer.

A man with the eye of a child.

I'm an optimist and I like to share my view to bring some hope.

2. What do you do?

I'm a filmmaker.

I make documentaries and commercials.

I've loved to play with cameras since I was a child and to 'capture the heart' is my passion.

3. What is the ideology/philosophy/purpose that drives what you do?

It might sound cheesy but I like to confirm that the world is a wonderful place.

Filming all around the world I have seen that even in the darkest places you can find love and hope.

I make an effort to be open-minded and to not prejudge. To travel, to film and to to hear people helps me achieve that.

I try to keep empathy alive.

4. How did you arrive at that ideology?

I grew up in a broken family, I didn't understand why and I used to blame myself.

I was a very sad child.

I was wondering why I was here (in the world) until the day, being 12 years old, a 8mm camera and a Rolling Stones audio cassette came into my hands.

I mixed the music with the images and that day I found my passion.

Since then I'm playing and having fun shooting and editing.

5. What kind of advice can you give someone who is searching for their own ideology/purpose?

I wonder how people can live without a passion.

And I've realized that just making a stop to think who you are and what you want, your life can get much better.

My advice is: find your passion.

With passion and lots of work you don't need skills to create beautiful things.


Miquel is a filmmaker from Barcelona that is currently focusing on photography and documentaries that capture modern Caribbean moments. 

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