roadblock art graphic for WABP 5-16.png

🚧 This sunday 9/1 I'm donating my time, resources and talent to bring the madness that is ROADBLOCK™️ to the 2019 West Adams Block Party.

🚧 This time were putting our cash up to make it clear that MIGRATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

fund for-03.png

🚧 We will be blockin up the road to raise funds for black and brown immigrants' rights and legal aid.⁣

🚧 100% of the proceeds will be split evenly between @instabaji @raicestexas @alotrolado_org and @actblueorg (Mississippi). ⁣

🚧 We’re gonna have a big bad truck with a big bad ILLUSIVE SOUNDS system in the middle of Adams Blvd with the bimmas and the bad behavior that ROADBLOCK is known for.⁣


🚧 This will be my last party in LA for a little while (and I've never done anything like this before), so your love and support is much needed for this one. Pleaaaaase come out.⁣

❤️⁣ ⁣See you on the block 📡✊🏾📡